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How to support AMEN? 


Firstly, we would love to encourage you to be our patron with your £20.00 donation (per year). 

You will be invited to our AGM as a voting member, and you will be invited for AMEN's event and other events organised by our supporters, such as USPG. 

Secondly, you can support us by your generous one-off donation. You will find the link(screen) below. 

Please, make sure you gift-aid it, if you are a UK Tax-payer as it makes such a big difference to us!

Thirdly, you can support us by encouraging others to visit our website/SNS, so that we have more members connected.

And finally, please always remember AMEN and all her members in your prayers.

Thank you.

** If you have joined us as a patron, please contact us after the payment has gone through. So that we know your name. 

** Our bank statement only shows us the amount we've received, not the name of the patron.

** Please, contact Secretary (interim), Revd Dr Godfrey Kesari


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